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Senin, 26 Desember 2011


Senin, 28 November 2011

BINUS FY 11/12

These are some craziness I've done with my new friends. Let's keep calling them 'new friends' since I still feel really new to them. But I love them yeay :DDDDDDD
We went to Transtudio Bandung together last month. We do like to take pictures and here are some of em people, enjoyyy... ;)))


I MISS MY GIRLS so damn much and last friday was so amazing since I had a small reunion with my girlfriends in cork&screw and also went for some honeybread in en dining {()}
Here are some pictures of the girls and the foods we order. (photos are taken by Anetta Amin)



First, I'm gonna introduce my dearest Catherine Christabel Darmawan. She's growing up so fast uh I'm tearing :') I've known her since 4 years ago (when she was 12) til now, and somewhere in the middle we became the best of friends.

 I made her a recycle furniture of our pictures, one of them sayin 'thanks for being someone I can lean on everyday'. Thanks for being someone I can argue and either I win or lose I know I'll never lose you. Thanks for being extremely patient with my temper. Thanks for being a good listener, although most of the time you don't give advices. I know it has been hard being my best friend and to hold that title isn't as easy as being a friend to hang out with but we've gone thru lots. I really hope your sixteenth is as wonderful as ever and I really hope I can hold my title as your bestfriend too. iloveyou ;)
I apologize sincerely for every mistakes and every heartbreaks I've caused you. you are still one of my favorite girl anyway
these girls are cathey and I's most precious ones.
yet we're incomplete without our other bffs. so I'm gonna say this to all other BFFs anywhere on earth, I wish you celebrated Cath's 16th with us. despite your absence, I believe your presence on our hearts! love ya bffs :****

Selasa, 18 Oktober 2011

My precious one ♥

I Evan & Heidi
            Those two are the most precious kids in my life. They are my nephew. The elder brother is called Evan. His full name is Evan Sebastian Widjaya. And the younger baby girl is called Heidi. Her full name is Heidi Karina Widjaya. Here are some pictures of Evan and Heidi. Evan just celebrated his 3rd birthday few days ago, while Heidi is turning 1 next year, on January.

            They were born in Melbourne, and they are living there. It's beyond words how much I miss them. Everytime they are around, the house is never silence. Evan is as naughty as boys at his age are. But he's the cutest boy I've ever known in my life. I really think he's gonna be a smart, tough, and gentle man like my dad and my eldest brother, later when he grows up. While I think Heidi will be as loving as her mom is. Look at her chubby face, I mean seriously, she's the chubbiest baby girl I've ever seen and I can't help but kissing her cheek everyday when she was with me. I definitely miss them and their appearance in my life. Hugs and kisses from gu-gu (that's how they call me).

Rabu, 21 September 2011


introducing you, the super-me!

I'm moving on! No details. This post is just an encouragement for readers to be as strong as you guys could be. Because life goes on. Song of the day, Someone Like You - Adele. I've been drowned into the lyrics. "Nevermind I'll find someone like you, I wish nothing but the best for you too." Oh how important it is to let go. I heard it from prambors radio 102.2 fm, this morning, that Adele said thing song is about letting go, which is the biggest step of moving on. So readers, you have to first let go of anything that holds you back from keep moving on. xoxo